2016. február 24., szerda

Dogshow results from Budapest CACIB February 2016:

Mattie got excellent and Reserve CAC on Fehova dogshow on Thursday and his daughter Bonnie got excellent 1, HPJ (youth winner) on Friday.

In the photos my daughter, Villő is practising with Mattie. :-)

2016. február 5., péntek

In the first photo Mattie's other daughter, Eden (Arctic Sunshine Kennels) is with Csilla's other puppy, Paris. :-)
In the second one, Mattie's seal daugher, Bonnie and Paris (from Kennel Laouen Ki) are playing.

Photos are from Csilla Romoda ( Arctic Sunshine's kennels)
Mattie's daughter, BONNIE. <3 <3 <3 She was born at Arctic Sunshine Malamutes kennels. Her mom is Arctic Sunshine's Beautiful Day.
Mattie got CAC at OMÉK CAC show in Budapest on 26 September 2015.
Special thanks to Csilla for handling Mattie. :-)
Mattie got Res.CAC on Specialty CAC show Dunaharaszti on 22 September 2015. (He was totally out of coat).